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Did you know that average American families spend about 1200 dollars on fast food every year? Keep in mind that equals about 12.5 dollars per meal, with burgers, fries, pizza and fried chicken being the most common meals. In the non fiction text, “McJobs” by Eric Schlosser, he explains how fast food has many bad effects on society. And fast food causes many bad effects. For example when we eat fast food we take the risk of getting many diseases. Fast food affects your nervous system, and even causes addiction.
First, fast food is dangerous for our body--it has many bad effects on your body. According to Claire Gallam in the article “10 Reasons You Might Want to Reconsider Your Fast-Food Habit,” the animals used for fast food have antibiotics to keep them from
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This causes us to be very sick. Also according to Ann Pietrangelo and Elea Carey in the article, “The Effects of Fast Food on The Body,” fast food affects the human nervous system, and if you eat fast food there is a 51 percent greater chance to be depressed and stressed. It also causes high cholesterol, high sugar, and many other negative effects ( This shows how fast foods, and drinks are loaded with sugar and how unhealthy it is. Another fact is that according to Scott Christ in the article, “Stop Eating Fast Food: Why Fast Food Is Slowly Killing You,” childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years ( shows us that fast food causes kids to get overweight and very sick. Lastly, also according to to Scott Christ in the article “Stop Eating Fast Food: Why Fast Food Is Slowly Killing You” If you eat
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