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Abstract McKesson Decision Support Systems have a vision to create a health care system that is of higher quality, with fewer mistakes and a low cost overhead. McKesson is the nation’s leading health care IT Company that has the capability to install software as well as hardware and has done so in 70% of the nation’s hospitals. McKesson’s software helps all clinicians in charting and treating their patients in a quick and easy manor. McKesson is one of America’s oldest and largest health care companies. McKesson wants to bring together clinical knowledge and technology to create a better work environment through quality health care services and an easier quicker way to chart a patient’s information and progress without taking away…show more content…
Nurses have their documenting tools that help them document triages, vital signs, assessments, past medical and surgical histories as well as any pertinent family or social history. This system will help doctors to improve their practice performance which will give them more time with the patient to maximize their understanding of the patient’s problems. This system also helps unit clerks and emergency department technicians to see their orders in a timely manner and be able to help the patient quicker than before. McKesson Horizon Emergency Care is also good for improving revenue. To get the maximum charges out of a visit, an electronic health record is the best way to go. McKesson can help the coders manage the finances and improve the operational performance with their enterprise revenue management, traditional HIS and ERP solutions. You can get in contact with McKesson in many ways. The full name is McKesson – Empowering Healthcare. Their website address is McKesson corporate headquarters address is One Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94104 and their phone number is 415-983-8300. McKesson Horizon Emergency Care system is one of many that McKesson has but this one is designed for the Emergency Department. This system enables the
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