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Introduction Manufacturing Unit 1: Mumbai Manufacturing Unit 2: Chennai Manufacturing Unit 3: Mumbai Manufacturing Unit 4: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 5 : Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 6: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 7: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 8: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 9: Delhi Manufacturing Unit 10: Delhi Manufacturing Unit 11: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 12: Delhi Manufacturing Unit 13: West Bengal Manufacturing Unit 14: West Bengal Manufacturing Unit 15: Karnataka Summary of Industry Requirements Study Team

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Case Study Report
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It is a small scale family business, based in Mumbai. They focus on providing good quality and safe toys that help in teaching the children and improving creativity of the child, at prices that a common man can afford. They have 64 product categories under construction kits, art hobbies and craft kits, alphabets and numbers. Objective of the company: The objective of the company is to see the constant growth of the company as a whole including the share holders, customers either external or internal, suppliers and all others who are directly or indirectly related to the company. Mission: Their mission statement is: To be the company that sets standards in the children Edutainment industry. To make intellectually stimulating and visually appealing products which are cost effective to share holders, clients, customers and the ultimate consumers – the children. Present Scenario: Number of workers in the unit, at present, is 150 out of which 125 are unskilled and 25 are

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