Mcmullin's Water Boarding

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He also promised water boarding. Not only that’s not realistic, but it’s also against international law. If he implements water boarding, there will be some unintended consequences and there was no way he could convince the Americans this was the best approach to defeat ISIS. Evan McMullin was the best choice to solve home grown terrorists because no other candidate understood the issue like him.
McMullin believed ISIS had to be defeated in the battle field. The first step toward defeating them is to constraint Bashar al-Assad because he is killing civilians in Syria, hence creating an environment where ISIS and other terrorist groups can thrive. So McMullin and majority of Americans believe he has to go.
Second, Evan McMullin worked as an
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The number one cause of runaway debt—now more than $19 trillion—is the cost of entitlements. The country needs Social Security and Medicare to ensure the health of senior citizens and prevent them from falling into poverty. These programs are so inefficient, wasteful, and susceptible to fraud that their costs are out of control. The result is that the government must borrow vast sums to keep the programs going. The Obama administration has already added $9 trillion to the debt, almost as much as every previous administration combined. Trump will add 10 trillion within the first 4 years and Clinton will add 3 trillion as well. There are three major roadblocks standing in the way of a stronger economy: a tax code that rewards special interests while hurting small businesses, excessive regulations that cost businesses almost $2 trillion per year, and runaway entitlement spending that multiplies the national debt. Trump’s plan will increase the National debt by 10 trillion dollars as estimated by experts while Hillary will increase the debt by 3 trillion. Evan McMullin will dismantle these roadblocks. He will make the tax code fairer and simpler, helping to spur business innovation, especially the growth of small businesses, which
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