Mcnamara 's The Vietnam War

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Alexis Hadjiyianni Mrs. Kahn 4/21/15 English McNamara’s Project 100,000 The Vietnam War started in 1959 and ended in 1975, this was the only war that America could not win. They tried everything, but the Vietnamese guerrilla warfare, in addition the foreign environment cause the stronger and bigger American Army to pull out. Allowing North Vietnam to Annex the south, and bring communism into Vietnam. At the same time Vietnam was fighting a war in their homeland, United States was fighting one of their own in there. This war was a little different; this was a fight over basic human rights and equality among the people. This war was a civil rights movement, for African Americans to have equality. Even with the inequality toward them, African…show more content…
he got the rank of a Liuetenant colonel, and then left the military in 1946. after he left the military he joined the ford motor company helping them with many advancements, and at one point even become a president of the company. in 1961 he was asked by the president of United States to become the new secretary of defence. As the new secretary of defense he used allot of the skills that he learned when he was working for Ford, and made the army more economical. he created many project that allowed the military to make cheap and effective equipment. His most famous project though, was project 100,000. The United States Department of defense created project 100,000 in 1966 to bring down the recruitment standards for the United States army. This project was supposedly created by the government to allow poor young men in city and country areas to enlist in the military, as a start for them to move away from poverty and create a new life. Eventually its true motives were uncovered and it was put down as a way to bulk up the combat personnel fighting in Vietnam. Project 100,000 was a program devised by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1966 to ease Secretary of Defense, Robert S. “McNamara, faced with the escalating demands for American soldiers in Vietnam, noted that the U.S. Marine Corms’ program of “repetition of training and special remedial efforts” turned low-altitude inductees into
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