Mcora Personal Statement

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Participating in the MCORE program is a significant bridge towards achieving the set goals for chemistry students of Michigan as the program offer various education related opportunities. Being part of the MCORE program enables one to interact with other students and possibly expand knowledge by sharing ideas. Again, the program exposes one to important presentation skills as it allows its members to attend presentation sessions with other senior students. Another benefit of MCORE program towards achieving education goals is the opportunity of touring cutting-edge research facilities that is a significant tool in personal development as an aspiring chemistry professional. Finally, the MCORE program has an objective of providing advice to chemistry…show more content…
First, the fact that all living organisms survive on the principles of chemical reactions enhances the interest to study chemistry. Secondly, the study of chemistry can explain deeply some concepts of polymers that form part of daily life activities such as clothes, food among other necessities. For myself, attending a chemistry graduate program will allow me to explore the science of materials that find use in my daily life activities and, perhaps, discover, improve, and better understand the ways of how they work! Another factor that initiates my interest in attending a chemistry graduate program is the career it grants. A chemistry graduate has variety of options between both academic and industrial fields. Thus, such a degree would expand my career potentials. In the meantime, I find myself more interested in the materials science area of chemistry. this very broad field would enable me play a predominant role in providing information about the structure and composition of materials, as well as the processes to synthesize and use
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