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Chapter 1 The Foundations of Entrepreneurship Multiple Choice Questions: 1. A recent study by Ernst and Young found that 78% of influential Americans believe that entrepreneurship will be the defining trend of this century. The entrepreneurial opportunity that topped their list was: a. the Internet b. globalization c. downsizing of corporate America d. None of the above. a., Medium, Page 2 2. Current competitive conditions favor: a. large companies with their hierarchies and layers of management. b. companies in industries that were once…show more content…
licensing agencies. b., Medium, Page 6 12. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the entrepreneurial experience? a. Uncertainty b. Ambiguity c. Guaranteed success d. Hard work c., Easy, Page 9 13. ____% of new businesses fail within two years, while ____% fail within six years. a. 35;64 b. 51;64 c. 35;80 d. 64;80 a., Difficult, Page 9 14. The majority of new business owners work: a. fewer than 40 hours per week. b. more than 40 hours per week. c. more than 70 hours per week. d. more than 80 hours per week. b., Medium, Page 10 15. Which of the following is a potential disadvantage of owning your own business? a. Uncertainty of income b. Risk of losing your entire investment c. High level of stress d. All of the above. d., Easy, Page 10 16. Which of the following forces is driving the entrepreneurial trend in our nation? a. Increased entrepreneurial educational opportunities b. E-commerce and the World Wide Web c. Technological

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