Mcts Guide to Microsoft Windows 7 Chapter 1 Solutions Essay

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Review Questions 1. A friend of yours has asked which version of Windows 7 should be purchased to start a new multimedia-based home entertainment system. Your friend will not require business support features, but they will require support communicating with their Xbox 360. You recommend: a.Windows 7 Ulitmate b.Windows 7 Home Basic c.Windows 7 Home Premium d.Windows 7 Enterprise 2. Windows 7 supports only cooperative multitasking. True or False? 3. The Graphical Processing Unit is a hardware component capable of quickly drawing items to the screen. 4. A graphics card capable of running the Aero Theme must have drivers certified to which standard (select two)? a. DirectX b. WDDM c. WDF d. WDM e. Vendor 5. All device drivers are…show more content…
Updated drivers for the hardware can be obtained from the manufacturer and from which Microsoft web site? a. Windows Marketplace b. Windows Driver Distribution c. Microsoft support d. Windows Update 19. Some hardware can be added to the computer without having to restart or power down the computer. After a short period of time the device driver automatically loads and the hardware is available to applications and the user. This type of hardware is considered compatible with what type of technology? a. Teredo b. WDDM c.Plug and Play d. legacy 20. You have purchased a new 72 GB disk drive and would like to format it in Vista with a single partition that uses up all the space on the drive. You can format the file system on the partition as (choose all that apply): a. FAT16 b. FAT32 c. CDFS d. NTFS 21. Software assurance customers can take advantage of extra applications provided with Windows 7 Enterprise edition. What feature included with this edition will allow legacy applications to run at the same time as other Windows 7 applications? a. BitLocker drive encryption b. NTFS c. UNIX native application support d. XP Mode e. Terminal Services 22. Which of the following is an advantage of HomeGroup computing? a. requires one or more expensive servers b. supports 20 workstations c. no security enforced d. simple to set up initially 23. A thread represents the files, data, and instructions that make up a single running task or application. True or

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