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Me, My Papa’s Pupil Don't you want to consider studying commerce?" It was 2003 and I was in Class 10. Why did Papa ask me that? I wondered. He knows I want to be a doctor. "If you're thinking of studying mass media after Class 12," Papa added, "commerce should be more helpful than science." "But I want to be a cardiologist, Papa!" I protested. "If that's where your heart really lies, I'm sorry I brought this up," he reassured me. In 2006, after I spent two difficult years trying to learn science, I brought up the subject again with my father, a teacher who runs his own training institute in Ujjain, MP. "What makes you feel I'd make a better journalist than a doctor?" I asked Papa. "You have been my student, too," he said, smiling. "And I know a thing or…show more content…
Comprehension I. Answer the following questions. 1. Which two professions did the author have to choose from? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What qualities did the author’s father have as a good teacher? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What career path did the author eventually choose? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What important role did the author’s father play in her life? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ II. Rewrite the following sentences in future perfect form. 1. So it turned out to be journalism and not cardiology for me. _______________________________________________________________ 2. He's given a timely nudge to the careers of innumerable students. _______________________________________________________________ 3. I spent two difficult years trying to learn

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