Me Talk Pretty One Day By David Sedaris

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Adults students are returning to school in record numbers to complete educational studies. These students come from different backgrounds and represent various ages, ethnicities, economics, weaknesses, and strengths. Many adult students are here for the second time after failing initially and have fears about their abilities to complete their studies. Although most students have used on-campus resources, some may need assistance from other adult students successful in completing their coursework. David Sedaris in “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” helps these students by sharing four steps used to complete the French course. The author states that the students much be willing to look at self, participate actively in studies, engage socially…show more content…
A revisit is necessary to the information that the author provides about the French teacher. He calls her a "sadist." In another instance, the teacher calls the author lazy. She holds up his paperwork and states, "Here is proof that David is an ignorant and uninspired ensigiejsokhjc. " He refuses to accept the teacher 's lazy label and begins to increase the time spent on homework. Sedaris states he spends four hours a night on "complete the sentence" exercises. The author realizes that he could have spent less time but he was determined not to be identified by the teacher as lazy. Despite the teacher’s abuse and Sedaris’ experiences of fear and discomfort speaking French, he tries to be active in the community. He visits a neighborhood store, converses with the concierge, and talks to the butcher. Positive outcomes are the rewards of being active in your studies. The author puts in the time and reaps the rewards of understanding French. Adult students who spend extra time on homework can also reap those rewards. Sedaris’ third step is to interact socially with classmates. The author is one of the several classmates taking French. He refers to his classmates as two Polish ladies, a seamstress, Carlos, the Argentinean, a beautiful young girl from Yugoslavia and a girl from Korean. The author provides little information about them except that they were younger, good-looking, well-dressed, spoke French
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