Me Talk Pretty One Day

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There are many times when a person comes into your life and changes it for the better. I was happened to be blessed to be born with that person that changed my life, my dad. He has always been there and guided me in the correct way. Just like in Sedaris “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, how something negative leads to a good outcome, my negative event resulted on how dads’ actions impacted my life in such a significant way. (635). My dad became a great example for me to look up to, by showing me how dependable, adaptive, and hardworking he truly is. My dad gave me the ambition, to continue my education, and become a dependable mother for my daughters and family. When I look at my dad, I can see accomplishment beaming from him. He grew up with my grandparents in South Texas, who were migrant workers. They didn’t supply the best of income, so my father grew up with the bare minimum and basic necessities, with 5 younger brothers and sisters. During high school, my father struggled a bit with grades and family issues. After graduating, he decided to join the military, since school was not his best interest and felt he had nowhere to go. He would explain to me how he would barley pass his classes with D 's, since D 's were considered passing at the time. For eight years, he served for our country in the Navy. Soon afterwards, he met my mother, began dating, and eventually got married within a year. Another year passed and that’s where I came in. Soon after my father with no job, after
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