Mead Hall In Beowulf

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After school, almost everyday, students go to the Y-Not Stop for a snack and to relax. Back in one thousand BC, when the poem was written, the hall at which men would reside at the end of the day, was called a mead hall. The mead hall in Beowulf plays a significant role in the epic poem. The poem was told by many throughout the years and part of the book was burned, but Seamus Heaney managed to translate the remains of the book from Old English. Thankfully, none of the information of the mead hall was disintegrated. The mead hall, known as Heorot, plays a very important role to many characters: Beowulf and his warriors, the Geats of Geatland; Hrothgar and his warriors, the Danes of Denmark; and even the Demonic creature, Grendel. In the poem,
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