Meal Experience

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The meal experience Introduction The assignment I will be doing will be about a recent meal experience I had in an establishment. I recently went for a meal in a local brasserie situated in my town I will be discussing the intangible and tangible factors that influenced my meal experience. Reason for choice The reason I chose to carry out my assignment on this particular meal experience is because it is the most recent meal I have been out for in a long time and I heard from a number of sources that the restaurant was a great place to eat and it had got great reviews on trip advisor so I decided to give it a try. Also it is the only restaurant I have actually been out for a meal in during the last two years. Booking I planned to go…show more content…
5 minutes later she came out with both dishes. The speed of the service was great because I was quite hungry. Once the dishes arrived presented accordingly, nothing special, on their plates I tasted my salad and found no faults with it. they served it with their house dressing which I enjoyed. My other half enjoyed her prawns. I tasted one and after tasting it I could tell that it was something out of a box that was frozen so I didn’t enjoy the filo prawn so I left half of it. During the first course the waitress came to ensure that everything was ok and asked if we wanted anything else, so the service was good. The Main Meal. We finished our first course which was a success. So we moved on to our main course of the evening. After the waitress cleared our plates she gave us roughly 5 minutes between the meals before she brought out the main course. I found that amount of time to be too little because my salad hadn’t yet gone down. My partner only had two prawns so she was quite happy with the time taken. We had ordered the “ultimate relish burger,” which was an enormous burger made of two 8oz patties, an onion ring on each patty, bacon and melted cheese and then stacked on top of each other and presented on a black slate. Presentation was great. I thought that it would be a big burger so my partner and I decided to share. When the burger came out it was way bigger than my expectations. in the end two of us couldn’t even finished it The burger
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