Meal Plan For The Meals

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Meal plan like a pro: 5 steps to plan your meals like a nutritionist

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “meal plan”?

Is it a stack of plastic tupperware filled with identical meals of chicken and sweet potato? Is it a tattered page out of your notebook with words like “salad” or “oatmeal” on repeat? Is a confusing app on your phone that you downloaded but never use?

Does the whole idea of meal planning make you feel a little bored?

Well, I am here to change that.

As a nutritionist, prioritizing my health is a big part of my daily life as well as what I teach to others. While many people are using trackers like myFitnessPal to record what they eat, I have found the most effective way to improve your diet is to record what you eat BEFORE you eat it….meal planning!

In my world, meal planning isn’t a diet scheme or an unbendable set of rules. Rather, it’s a constructive tool to help design a healthy diet.

I have seen people who have struggled with “staying on track” for years, make major and lasting improvements in their diet simply by getting into the habit of meal planning. It’s a way to save make healthy choices, save time in the kitchen, spend less money at the store and reduce the amount of groceries you waste.

So, you’re on board?


Now, let’s make you a pro.

Here are 5 steps to plan your meals like a nutritionist:

#1 Start with dinners: Dinners are the easiest meal to plan in advance. We usually know our favorite go-to meals and are more
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