Mean Creek Essay

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In the film ‘Mean Creek’, the director Jacob Aaron Estes uses visual and verbal techniques to successfully convey the main idea of loss of innocence; this idea is relevant today to teenagers and shows their actions due to it. The main idea is presented to the viewer in three vignettes; banks of the river, burial site, and taking the police to the burial site. In the vignette ‘Banks of the river’ the director successfully displayed the use of verbal and visual techniques to show the relevant idea of loss of innocence. For instance, the visual technique blue filter shows that the characters have become sorrowful because of the death of George; it also makes the setting dark grey-blue which reflects how the characters lost their innocence.…show more content…
In this vignette it is in contrast the water began to drift slowly across the creek which gives the impression of a tranquil mood. The verbal techniques of lament and synthetic music was also used. This really connects to the main idea as it emphasises the relevance of death and loss of innocence to real life situations today; it also shows that it can ruin someone’s life. ‘Digetic voice over cuts to non-digetic scene’ this suggests that the character George did not deserve this and also that he was different. He also says in his voice over “ People that do not see inside my mind don’t get there are gazzilion things going on” This is relevant today as people should not judge one’s personality through looking at him or by his actions but to look inside and see his inner feelings. In conclusion, the director Jacob Aaron Estes successfully conveyed the idea of loss of innocence sing visual and verbal techniques in the three vignettes Banks of the river, Burial site and taking police to the burial site. The viewer’s learn the relevance of losing innocence and how it can affect
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