Mean Girls : A Homeschooled Girl From Africa Essay

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In the movie Mean Girls, Cady Heron a homeschooled girl from Africa. She is now entering public school for the first time, she meets the “best people you will meet,” Janis, a supposedly lesbian girl; and Damian, a boy “too gay to function.” Cady is warned to avoid the Plastics-- a clique comprised of three girls: gretchen Wieners, a girl who’s rich because her father invented toaster strudel; Karen Smith, the “dumbest girl you will ever meet,” and Regina George, the unofficial leader and the meanest one. Cady becomes a hit with the Plastics and eventually assimilates into the clique, on for Janis to ask her to sabotage them. After conflicts involving Regina’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels, Cady later becomes tied between being part of them or sabotaging them. She tricks Regina into eating fattening candy bars that she claims will make her skinny, tries to break him and Samuel up, and tries to turn her fellow Plastics, against her. While doing this Cady learns about the “Burn Book.” This is a notebook that Regina has been filled with vicious rumors, secrets, and gossip about all the other girls and teachers. In her efforts to get revenge on Regina, Cady gradually loses her individual personality and remakes herself in the image of Regina. Regina responds by spreading the entire contents of her Burn Book around the school, causing a riot. With the help of Ms. Norbury, their math teacher they realized that all of these jokes were hurting their peers. She has each of the girls
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