`` Mean Girls ' By Cady Heron

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This will be an introduction to a few of the functions of education and how they relate to the experiences of Cady Heron in the movie “Mean Girls”.
Cady Heron was not your average new student, nor had she been in a classroom setting before. Cady was home schooled during her primary school years, a decision her parents made based off of their occupations. Both parents were highly educated Research Zoologist that traveled often, until settling for a period of time in central Africa for a research study. This allowed Cady to acquire an extensive set of academic skills, which she shows off with her impressive ability to answer math problems in a way that exceeds her classmates. But this left her socially impaired when it came to functioning in a formal educational setting. This brings me to the first major function of education: Socialization, which is the process by which children and adults learn from others. We begin learning from others during the early days of life; and most people continue their social learning all through life.1 The educational system teaches social norms and expected behavior of certain roles and classes, that a student will need to function properly in society and future workplaces. Cady 's socialization process begins when she meets the “outcasts”, as they are socially labeled, Janice and John, who take Cady under their wings and during her first day begin showing her all of the different social classes, which included nerds, jocks, gothic and also
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