Mean Girls

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Sugar and Spice is No Longer Nice Mean Girls is a comedy directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fey. Cady Heron is the new girl in town who moved from Africa. She instantly makes friends with two teenagers that are nice (Damian and Janis) whom, are considered in the "out crowd." After she meets the Plastics (three rude and popular girls), consisting of Regina the leader, Gretchen (Regina’s follower), Karen is considering one of the dumbest people you will meet. They let her in their group, where Cady falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels. When Regina finds this out, she wants revenge. However, Cady, Janis and Damian plan together to get back at Regina and take her down from the head plastic. While planning revenge, Cady…show more content…
They reason why this movie is well liked. The acting in a movie is a huge part, if the actors do a good job in the movie. All of the main characters do great job acting in this movie. Which makes this movie so relatable. Amanda Seyfried plays Karen Smith. Her character is portrayed as this dumb blonde. She does great job acting in this movie. This also makes her likeable. By, this acting you can feel the revenge that they want to get on each other. This movie is so relatable, because the characters are based on real high school students. The main characters do such a good job on the acting, which makes them also so relatable. Mark Waters appeals to all of the emotions of the high school students. Work Cited Mean Girls. Dir. Mark Waters. By Rosalind Wiseman. Screenplay by Tina Fey. THEVID Technicolor Distribution Services, 2004.
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