Mean Kleen Is A Family Oriented Business Based On Core Values

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Mean Kleen is a family oriented business based on core values such as teamwork, motivation, leadership, and of course success! Mean Kleen will be addressing the wealthy single-income households and the wealthy two-income households. These targeted families are willing to pay for the service because of the high level of professionalism and trustworthiness that is offered. We will always work hard to achieve a large percentage of loyal, repeat customers who regularly use us, as well as being vocal to their friends about the success they have had with our services. We will always continue to keep educated on the different products and ways that will best suite each client. My company will continue to keep highly motivated and trustworthy employees by granting many infinitives and training on a regular basis. Mean Kleen has and will always be the best due to our eagerness to provide the best customer possible, to allow all feedback from our clients and to always beat the competitors prices. We are a company that works great with the community and always are willing to give back and support our local businesses. Business Description & Vision Brief History As long as I could remember cleanliness has always been a number one factor in my life. I grew up in a home where my parents were very strict about cleanliness and organization. My siblings and I were made to have chores that stuck with me through the years which made cleaning to become a habit and a fun

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