Meaning And Types Of Old Testament Covenants

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This essay attempts to define the meaning and types of Old Testament Covenants and describe The Creation Covenants as seen in the Old Testament. The Creation Covenants will be discussed and their common interpretations will be examined so they will be more easily explained. The Creation Covenants include the Adamic and Noahic Covenants. 1. What is a Covenant? God created humanity as an expression of His loving, relational character. In His wisdom, and because He is the Creator and sustainer of love, God created man with the free will to choose whether or not to love and worship Him in return. Adam and Eve’s choice to disobey initiated sin into the life of man, disconnecting the spiritual union they had with the Lord. From that very moment,…show more content…
Second, in all the covenants of a major character there is a concrete declaration that the conditions and blessings of the covenant apply to the sons and future generations of the person or peoples with whom the original covenant is made. Third, there was a special and easily recognized covenant-language used in the establishing of the compact and in the defining of its promises and conditions. Forth, when in the prophets, or other subsequent writers, mention is made of a covenant which applies to the generations there addressed, it is always possible to go back to the place where the covenanted relationship was originally established (The Biblical Covenants). 2. Types of Covenants There are three basic types of covenants in the Bible. They can be distinguished by overserving who swears the oath. The three types are Kinship, Vassal, and Grant. Biblical examples of each include: Kinship- Exodus 24 (1st Saini/Mosaic) and Genesis 21 (Abraham and Abimelech); Vassal- Genesis 17 (2nd Abrahamic) and Deuteronomy (Final Mosaic); Grant: Genesis 15 (1st Abrahamic) and Genesis 22 (Final Abrahamic). A Kinship Covenant is mutual and both parties swear to the oath. A Vassal Covenant is imposed and the inferior party swears to the oath. The Grant Covenant is bestowed and the superior party swears to the oath. The covenants mentioned in Scripture are divided into Minor Covenants and Major Covenants. The Minor Covenants have four
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