Meaning In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

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Do people try to find a meaning through their everyday lives by being taught by someone, or do they find it on their own? Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse wrote about a guy named Siddhartha who goes out on his own on a quest to learn about the meaning of life. He, Siddhartha goes on this quest running through many obstacles trying to reach his goal. Hesse suggests that people can’t always find meaning through teachers but they have to find it themselves, such as when Siddhartha tried to learn from the Samanas, a group of men who are ascetics, and kamala a woman who teaches him to love.
From Siddhartha waiting for his father's’ approval he eventually went out to be a Samana. He, Siddhartha, decided to go out on his own way learning new knowledge through the Samanas, “Siddhartha
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He travelled along the path of self-denial through pain, through voluntary suffering and conquering of pain, through hunger, thirst and fatigue. He travelled the way of self-denial through meditation, through emptying of the mind of all images” (12). Siddhartha learned to lose himself while in the Samanas and through suffering and conquering pain to having hunger and thirst he went along the path of self-denial. He, Siddhartha, did all of this to just to try to gain knowledge that he was in the search for. On the other hand Siddhartha eventually decided to leave the Samanas because he couldn't find the meaning of life that he had wanted. Siddhartha and Govinda start to talk about the rumor of the Perfect one and Siddhartha says, “You have spoken well, Govinda, you have remembered well, but you must also
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