Meaning Of Death: A Narrative Fiction

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"You are recent, you are freshly arrived? How foreign it is that you are without aura, nay, without glow"

"Should I have?"

"That everyone of us here has, then I should say so, you should be illuminated, but you're not. You do grasp that you are unburdened from on high do you not?"

"You mean to say dead"

"Aye, that is the term the upper realm regards us as, but like a great many concepts of theirs, it is missing the target; Howbeit, it is simply that they don't understand.
But to regress, this is extraordinary for you to ponder fate in this fashion; That is, the word death is never employed here, and to imagine oneself as such; You understand, it is unconventional..."

Notwithstanding, he makes a closer study of the new comer, then steps …show more content…

What I'm saying is, I'm not afraid, just confused as to how I arrived here"

"Does it particularly matter? Not to appear indelicate, but honestly, does it matter. People come here for all sorts of reasons; but once they do... Let me put it along these lines; this is the land of eternal peace and rest, nothing of the former world above is of any importance now."

He continues

"There are those who come here being naturally released, like long in years; There are those who fall ill, and eventually arrive; There are those who elect to release themselves for many reasons all their own. Accidents, tragidies, etcetera, but all who come here irrespective of how; they no longer cogitate upon these events. Let me try and encourage you. Let's say you were murdered, the gods forbid, and naturally you arrive, but when you do, the hand that murdered you would be of as much significance as a congenial shake of the hand..."

However, before the sojourner could continue, the newcomer's eyes grow large, and turning in wonderment to his speaker, says..."


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