Meaning Of Frankl's Life

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Niloufar Mirhashemi
Stephanie Walsh
English 93
15 May 2017
Frankl's Meaning of Life
Viktor Emil Frankl, who was born and grew up in the Jewish family (Längle, "Frankl, Viktor Emil") on March 26, 1905 in Vienna Austria and died of heart failure (The, A. P, VIKTOR FRANKL, AUTHOR AND PSYCHOTHERAPIST) in 1997 (, was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor (VIKTOR FRANKL, AUTHOR AND PSYCHOTHERAPIST). A talent high school student, Frankl was a member in Socialist youth organizations in 1921, which caused his interest to psychiatry. As a high school student, Frankl began writing to Freud and started communication with him ( Frankl obtained his MD degree in 1930 and his Ph.D. degree
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In 1985, Frankl could obtain Oskar Pfister Award from The American Psychiatric Association due to his important works for people and society. 39 books were published from Frankl (Längle, "Frankl, Viktor Emil") that Man's Search for Meaning, his very popular book, is his narration of his life when he was in Nazi camp. Frankl in this book explained that how could find the meaning of his life and discover his new theory which introduced it as logotherapy to the psychology world (Pytell, TIMOTHY E, "Viktor Frankl (1905-1999)"). Frankl's best-selling book "Man's Search for Meaning," chronicles a psychologist's experiences as an inmate in the concentration camp, which led him to discover the importance of finding meaning in all forms of existence (Pytell, TIMOTHY E, "Viktor Frankl (1905-1999)"). Viktor Frankl founded what he called the field of "Logotherapy." Logotherapy is related to Frankl own experiences in Nazi camp. In his life years, which spent in camp, the tensions caused to contemplate deeply about the meaning of life and human purpose of living ("Logotherapy"). He narrates about his problems and restriction, moreover, other men in Auschwitz, that how they…show more content…
His research and its results reminded me of a short but very sensitive period of my life when my mother had a breast cancer, almost 5 years ago. I can say in that time, I experienced all steps of Frankl's theory about finding a sense of meaning and purpose in life. I not only felt a fear of losing my mother at the highest level possible but also was a witness of how my mother suffered from her illness. Problems were not only my tasks to help the family or even take care of my mother, but also, I must give hope to family members. However, in each challenge, there is a point. Each problem in life teaches us a lesson that how to stand in front of it and solve it, not escape of that. For example, I have never had an attitude that I can manage a family in hard situations, but it seemed that I had it. I just did not have a correct attitude to myself, my
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