Meaning Of Garde Manger

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The term of Garde manger mean it was using for the storage area. Which produce they are prefer such as hams, sausages, and cheeses were held. The person will take this position is chef Garde manger and pastry chef. The of Garde manger make an important role to responsibility and prepare the cold item of the day. In our opinion, the cold food always appear in the banquets and event to serving. The specialization in culinary arts that to show the preservation proces .

This objective assignment will be improve our knowledge and skill in realm garde manger. Before this we should review the history and what kind of item will be use, the mean of garde manger. In 21 century, our social start to response the activity – organic food. Some
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these place as we called garde manger.

Cold soup

History and original
The history of soup got can be found as far back as about 20,000 BC. Soup is the basic item in culinary art. their combine the meat, vegetable, fruits and some seasoning then mixed with a few of water until the favor come out. Cold soup most of the people will take because summer.

Storage and Shelf Life
Cold soup should be storage with the ice bath if did not serving. If we serving also want to take with the ice to maintain the temperature, no ice we will no call cold soup. Maximum keep of cold soup is 1 week inside chilled.

Food Nutritional Value
In variety of cold soups, we have idea to use cucumber soup as an example in nutritional value experiment. A 180ml serving of cucumber typically contains 57 calories from 4g of protein, 1g of fat from all ingredient,8 g of carbohydrates and 1g of fiber. If you choose the cold soup in you dairy diet you will get proper vitamins and mineral. however, we not hurt animal and get some form them make sure has a low fat
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