Meaning Of Geography Vs Geography

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“History rhymes, but geography endures.” was once stated by Andrew C. Katen. History, in fact, does not repeat itself. However, it does seem to have recurring events. With geography, on the other hand, the learning possibilities are endless. As people continually change, it causes the environment around us to change, which makes geography an ongoing happening. For example, the population is always increasing and decreasing because of the number of births and deaths. So therefore, more and more space is being taken up to provide living space for the large amount of humans on Earth. Geography deals with not only maps, compasses, and landforms, but with people of different cultures and how they interact with the space around them. Many geographers feel that geography is how people adapt their environment to fit their culture (and vice-versa), while other geographers feel as though geography is about how different factors make the earth diverse and how things are laid out based on the diversity of the earth. According to some geographers, the definition of geography is how people adapt, or change, their environment to fit their culture. In document one, it states, “...Geography emphasizes people, their ways of life, their divisions, and their endeavors to solve their problems and to adapt the regional environmental conditions to their ways and means…” This basically is saying that people change the environment around them so that it is able to go together with their goals,
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