Meaning Of Happiness And Fulfillment

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Everyone desires a life full of happiness and fulfillment, many pursue material goods or experiences in order to achieve complacency. But is an elevated life style accompanied by lasting satisfaction, or is it nothing more than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? I want the readers of this paper to walk away enlightened with a sense of real satisfaction and lifelong fulfillment. In the coming paragraphs we will discuss the meaning of happiness and fulfillment, evaluate their differences, explore how people have accomplish happiness, and delve deep into the intellectual barriers that keep us from achieving serenity.

What is happiness or fulfillment? The Oxford dictionary’s definition of happy is “Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. Fulfillment is satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character.” Evan this definition is lacking of substance. Epicurus is a Greek philosopher, his primary goal was to find the most satisfying life possible. He believed in two kinds of pleasure. “Kinetic; which is a kind of happiness you get from satisfying an urge, and Katastematic; a pleasure produced through the elimination of urges.” Some believe that everything psychological is also biological; meaning that reality is nothing more than chemical reactions in our brain. From this point of view, happiness is a surge of dopamine to the frontal lobe, therefor the sensation of being happy can be accomplished with medication. Despite the ambiguity in…
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