Meaning Of Life In The Absurd By Thomas Nagel

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In “The Absurd”, Thomas Nagel, offers a key understanding into the issue of the meaning of life. Specifically, he sets out a specific origination of the absurd and afterward contends that there are great reason for believing that such absurdity applies to our own lives, eventually rendering them without meaning. In this paper, I will be stating why life is absurd according to Nagel. As well as, how should we respond once we are aware of life’s absurdity. All in which will prove that Nagel thinks that our lives are absurd. Nagel's argument aims to show that life is absurd and meaningless. (Beerekamp, 2009) Translating his understood meaning of a meaningful life, his fundamental contention goes as follows: We see our life from a subjective and an…show more content…
Nagel contends that life is absurd by virtue of a collision, “between the seriousness with which we take our lives and the perpetual possibility of regarding everything about which we are serious as arbitrary, or open to doubt.” (Nagel, 718) We have the ability to step back and view ourselves and the lives we are living, “with that detach amazement which comes from watching an ant struggle up a heap of sand.” (Nagel, 720) We can briefly expel ourselves from the assignments of everyday life and question their point, reason, value, etc. What is absurd, for Nagel, is that we ourselves are equipped for taking it, “without ceasing to be the person whose ultimate concerns are so coolly regarded.” (Nagel, 720) So for Nagel, the absurd is on a very basic level in light of this capacity to step back and take part in uncertainty; in reality, he stops barely shy of equating it with epistemological
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