Meaning Of Life : Susan Wolf 's Article, Happiness And Meaning : Two Aspects Of The Good Life Essay

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What is the meaning of life? What gives life meaning? Philosophers have asked these questions for decades, and there still is not a solid answer to the question. This paper will analyze one modern philosopher’s take on the question: What gives life meaning? Susan Wolf is a modern moral philosopher and philosopher of action and mind. She attended two Ivy League institutions for her undergraduate and graduate careers. Wolf received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Philosophy and Math from Yale University, and she received a PhD in Philosophy from Princeton University. Wolf taught at various prestigious institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, and University of Maryland. She is currently a professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill where she teaches philosophy. Susan Wolf has written many works such as “Meaning in Life and Why It Matters,” “Freedom Within Reason.” This paper will focus on the article “Meaning in Life” from the journal “Happiness and Meaning: Two Aspects of the Good Life.” Susan Wolf’s article “Meaning in Life” addresses the debate question, Does life has meaning? Wolf’s position on the debate is the affirmative. She believes life has meaning as long as they meet certain criteria. That leads to the second debate question: What gives life meaning? Wolf’s position on this is that “meaningful lives are lives of active engagement in projects of worth” (Wolf 232). This position is also the basis of her main argument. To understand
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