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Name__Nhi Tran___ NDFS 375 Salad Prep Worksheet The Meaning of Preparation On Cooking (OC, pg 150-151) 1. Apply the principle of “mise en place” to your rotation in salads. Explain mise en place in making a BLT sandwich. - Mise en place: gathering and prepping the ingredients to be cooked as well as assembling the tools and equipment necessary to cook them. a. Salads - Gather different types of greens/fruit/pasta/garnish/dressings that can go into the salad. - Gather mixing bowls, knives, tongs, pans, chopping board, etc - Depends on what kind of salad, preparing the ingredients (for example, if the salad requires pasta, gather pasta and cook it) - When all ingredients are ready to be used, put the ingredients in the mixing…show more content…
4. Explain how each of the following components are essential to a pleasing plate arrangement: - Shape: combine a variety of shapes on the plate, simple shapes artfully combined so that it doesn’t appear as confusing. - Color: foods of different colors should be presented together. Generally, the colors should provide balance and contrast. - Texture: foods with different textures look more exciting. Sensation perceived when eating a food as well as the appearance of the surface of the food. - Arrangement: balanced and unified composition (without overcrowding or too sparse) 5. List three guidelines for arranging foods on a plate. - Strike a balance between overcrowding the plate and leaving large gaps of space. Foods should not touch the plate rim nor necessarily be confined to the very center. - Choose a focal point for the plate, to which the eye is drawn (usually the highest point on the plate). Design the plate with the highest point to the rear or center. Avoid placing foods of equal heights around the edge of the plate, leaving a hole in the center—the eye will naturally be drawn to that gap. - The plate’s composition should flow naturally. For example, make the highest point the back of the plate and have the rest of the food become gradually shorter toward the front of the plate. Slicing and fanning foods can attract the eye and help establish flow. Sandwiches (OC, 788-790, 792-794) 6. What are the three major

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