Meaning Of Tupac Shakur

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What does a “reputation” mean? As defined by the Cambridge dictionary, reputation is “the opinion that people in general have about someone or something or how much respect and admiration someone or something receives based on past behavior and character.” Based on this explanation, we realize that each individual is responsible for shaping his own reputation, either purposely – similar to what many politicians do – or naturally by his actions, good ones or bad ones. But an established reputation is not always uniform, meaning it opens a debate about a certain person, action or event. That’s the case of the most famous rapper of all time Tupac Shakur. Many believe him to be a leader, an innovator, a genius. While others criticize him for his…show more content…
This song comprises of three verses and centers about relationships that sees as unbreakable. Tupac makes a societal commentary by exploring various types of interpersonal bond. In the first verse, he recounts numerous conversations with his family again expressing his love and gratitude for his mother. Although he is ashamed of the burden he senses that he has caused she greets him with open arms as they recognize nothing matters as long as they remain close. The next verse approaches relationships between young black men from the ghetto. Tupac acknowledges that making money to support his family makes up for a large part of his relationships and ambitions, but he doesn’t forget to approach the emotional side. As he feels that the bond he shares with his friends is a treasure thanks to the emotional support these men provide for one another. And while it may seem that they are connected by gangster life, what connects them is their common desire for a better life. The final verse revolves around his relationship with a female friend. In this verse Tupac speaks greatly about love, but remarkably within the context of this song, never in a sexual sense as he clearly delineates between sexual attraction and emotional bonds. This song is at its very heart universal, given that everybody in this world has experienced one or all of the relationships that Tupac
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