Meaning Of War In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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War is the story of the people lives who were lost throughout the war. This includes during and after. This is what I would believe the meaning behind war. I have a lot of reasons as to why this is which is backed up through behind the book The Things They Carried. TTTC goes through the life of an army platoon in the middle of the war in Vietnam. Many of the people that are included throughout the book includes Jimmy Cross, Ted Lavender, Mitchell Sanders, Kiowa and many other people in the platoon.

When people talk about war it tends to be a sore subject. Although I stated what I thought on the outlook of how the war tells the story of those whose lives were lost in it the outlook on war can vary an unlimited amount. My first reasoning on my argument is that war consumes those involved. By involved I mean anyone who has been directly
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In The Things They Carried there are some moments of love and some moments of many other emotions far too many to account for. Jimmy Cross one of the soldiers in the platoon use to carry around a love letter. This “love” letter was from his beloved Martha. His love for Martha was unrequited to say the least however that’s not why he carried this letter full of regret. He carried it so no matter how long the war waged on he would never forget that there was a better place in the world then where he was at right now smelling napalm in the morning or smelling the sweet smell of gunpowder in the air. Although his mind never wavered from the thought of seeing Martha many soldiers who come back their minds never seem to leave the treacherous place called Vietnam. “I almost won the silver star,” these statements made by returned soldiers just prove to me and those who have spoken to them that they haven't forgotten the war. There minds forever wavering in the air over the battlefield thinking about what they had almost achieved during the
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