Meaning and Purpose of Multicultural Social Studies Education

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Introduction With the rise of the number of culturally diverse students being served in classroom throughout the United States, there is a need for multicultural social studies education. This paper will define and explain the meaning and purpose of multicultural social studies education. This paper will also analyze the implications of the multicultural perspective for social studies instruction as they relate to the following themes: (a) Inclusiveness of perspectives in content; (b) Instructional materials; (c) Activities; (d) The teachers’ beliefs and actions; and (e) The role of the students’. In addition, this paper will describe what multicultural social studies teaching should look like in the classroom and the advantages and…show more content…
305). When instructing students in social studies, it is important that educators think and learn about what is included in a multicultural social studies program. It is important that this program include lessons that address both content and a context strands that are relevant to the experience of the students. Sunal & Haas, 2011 explains that social studies programs should consistently invite all students to participate in an experience that fosters different forms of communication such as spoken, graphic, written, and mathematical (pg. 318). There are three central premises that should be included in a multicultural social studies program: (a) That students can learn social studies; (b) That ALL students can participate effectively in the social studies program; and (c) That cultural diversity is important in a social studies program because it enhances rather than detracts from the richness and effectiveness of learning. In addition, Sunal & Haas, 2011 brings out that more is needed from educators than simply teaching lessons on Black History; Cinco
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