Meaningful Learning

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Human learning is a complex and dynamic process such that there is no one definitive definition of learning; yet, there is a shared definitional assumption that learning is “a long-term change in mental representations or associations as a result of experience” (Ormrod, 2012, p. 4). That is to say, learning can be defined by the description of how human experience takes place (Shuell, 1986).
In this regard, I view that human experience takes place through the interaction between individuals and environmental factors. By such dynamic interactions humans create their own experiences in such a way that interprets the world based on the personal representation, not acquires from the world. As for this personal interpretation, I
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In sociocultural theory, learning does not take place only within an individual; rather, it does take place within the social context where is in the nature of collaborations. In this regard, meaningful learning occurs when individuals are engaged in social activities.

Learning as constructing an active knowledge

In the previous chapter, I addressed my belief about the nature of learning as the underlying pedagogical philosophy. Again, learning is a social process by which interacts with others and the world; hence, social and cultural environments play a pivotal role in knowledge construction.
In this chapter, I would like to express the idea of how human cognition works, since my conception of learning is fundamentally centered on mental activities that create and construct knowledge by dynamic integrations with the world. Prior to describing my view of how human cognition works, I
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