Meaningful Social Studies Essay

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Meaningful Social Studies
Today many classroom teachers are faced with the challenge of delivering meaningful and powerful social studies lessons to their students. This paper will explain how the learning cycle can help students gain a better understanding when learning new concepts. This paper will also give an example of a Native American Indians unit can be taught in a 4th grade classroom, covering the following contents: Location; Movement/Migration; and Individuals Groups, Institutions. In addition this paper will address the 4th grade performance objective(s) and Georgia social studies standards used in this unit. Additionally, this paper will explain and justify the use of various instructional strategies that
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Some ways that teachers can implement the exploratory introduction phase in a lesson or unit is by, (a) asking students questions to prompt their recall of relevant prior knowledge learned; (b) using the K-W-L technique (what the students know, want to know, and what the students have learned); (c) or having the students make comparisons connecting the new concept to concepts the students already know (comparisons charts).
The second phase of the learning cycle is the lesson development phase. In this phase students are exposed to new ideas or skills that can lead students learning to practice new skills and in using new content. The instructional strategies used in this phase may range from expository through the inquiry-based problem solving and decision making. Meyerson & Secules, 2001 explains that, “inquiry learning approaches, students are put into situations that require critical thinking and encourage the internalizing of major concepts. Inquiry activities can also allow students the opportunity to confront, express, and analyze preconceptions and misconceptions in an active, nonthreatening way”. Teachers can provide students with instructional activities such as: having guest speakers; providing games; having real life demonstrations; role-playing; and simulations.
The final phase of the learning cycle is the
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