Meaningful Use And The Health Care System

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Meaningful Use and the Health Care System The American health care system is in the midst of a paradigm shift as it transitions away from a paper documentation system towards a total electronic world. The electronic health record is revolutionizing the way health care practitioners, organizations and patients utilize patient information resulting in more efficient and accurate care, which implies better patient outcomes. In an effort to expedite the adoption of the electronic medical record, the United States government implemented an act entitled Meaningful Use which outlines three stages required by all health care systems and providers. The United States government provided financial incentives to ensure that these stages were met. It is imperative that the health care leaders are familiar with the requirements of Meaningful Use and create a timeline to ensure meeting all expectations. This paper will address the history of meaningful use implementation, meaningful use goals, and careful considerations for the health care leaders. As the national health care system transitions to the electronic health record (EHR), it is important to recall the impetus to this reform. Prior to the implementation of the electronic health record, the national health care system encountered many problems that impeded quality patient care. There was not a standardized formal structure with the process. Consequently, it lacked communication across disciplines and among providers and
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