Meaningful Use for Nurses

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As technology continues to evolve so does the need for healthcare facilities to continually maintain a higher level of competence that runs parallel to electronic and scientific advancement. Comparatively, the structure of hi-tech facilities, such as medical centers and clinics prepared with new amenities has enhanced the industry scale of communities by working in the healthcare arena. Likewise, technological innovations which help diagnose a variety of infections and disorders has helped in assisting patients in receiving increased quality care. As a result, patient care as a whole has positively been affected within the last decade. Furthermore, it only make sense that more personalized and precise problem-solving methods and…show more content…
Next, stage 2 consist of seventeen core criteria and six specified core objectives of which three must be picked to be reported on by an eligible provider (Wright et al., 2013). Likewise, hospitals must meet sixteen core objectives and three of six menu objectives in order to demonstrate meaningful use under the stage 2 objectives. Additionally, this stage implemented two new core objectives that must be utilized by the provider which include, the use of protected electronic messaging to communicate pertinent health information to patients and, the tracking of medication through utilization of electronic medication administration by way of assistive technological devices. As a result of implementing the two new criteria, positive patient outcomes and safety will be achieved. This stage focuses on the clinicians exchange of medical information, and enhanced care management of patients. At this stage patients are given the ability to retrieve and fill out their medical information from home and submit it to the provider within an allotted time frame. Stage 2 is a program that is geared more toward nurses and their ability to achieve better patient outcomes with the use of evidence-based practice. Analysis Nurses utilize technology on a daily basis, and this is the avenue that
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