Meaningful Use of Ehrs

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Meaningful Use of Health Information Technology in a Primary Care Practice
Kristin Rinn
University of Colorado Denver School of Nursing

Leaders in health care have two fundamental goals. The first is to provide high quality, evidence based patient care. The second is to be active engagers in the transformation of the health care delivery system. The ability to measure the quality of patient care efficiency and accurately to make the right decisions for the patient is the inherent goal of the use of the electronic health record (EHR). The EHR is currently underutilized in the United States, although the use has been progressively increasing over the last decade. Between 2009 and 2010, the percentage of office based physicians
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This includes assessment of organizational motivation, awareness, and support, a needs assessment (how EHR technology can meet clinic needs by improving efficiency and improving patient care), and an assessment of existing barriers to change and technology adoption. The organizational environment is crucial to adoption and implementation of meaningful use. We must understand and help support staff understand how implementation of meaningful use fits with clinic goals and patient care goals. (Ford, 2010). This includes selecting an EHR that is usable and meets the needs of the clinic. Usability is one of the major factors hindering widespread adoption of EMRs. Usability has a strong, often direct relationship with clinical productivity, error rate, user fatigue, and user satisfaction–critical factors for EMR adoption. Clinicians lose productivity during the training days and for months afterward as they adapt to new tools and workflow. Adoption rates by physicians and hospitals have been slower than expected in the US, in part, due to poor efficiency and usability. A “usable” EMR, complemented with effective training and implementation methods, will have a positive impact on user adoption rates (Kibbe, 2010). Our first step as providers is to evaluate a variety of vendors carrying certified EHRs for usability and select one that is most suitable for our practice. The concepts that we can use for evaluation of EHRs are 1) How much reading is
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