Meaningless Awards For Children Research Paper

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To imagine it is an accepted fact in this present age that every child possess their own respective talents and proficiency, It should therefore be perceived very pointless to believe that children need to receive meaningless awards for everything they participate in. Awards are frequently given as a compensation for failure. Although failure isn't reasonable ground for and issued award, it is true and often favourably debated that the best awards a child can obtain is bitter teachings from failure the teacher, not awards that aim to numb a brief, and unharmful letdown that may positively actually benefit the child's mind for the future to come. Yet, these useless awards that are still so blatantly issued contain a high potential to deteriorate the attitude and mindset…show more content…
Yet, such things may be avoided if the child is left to understand and study the world around him by his own ability, coupled only with considered and moderate assistance. If a child is granted excessive praise he may develop a false sense of accomplishment and pride; as these two issues may cause overt issues immediately in their young life. If such malicious practice is yet continued to be administered onto the child, potential issues for the future development of the child may incur, such as a underdeveloped set of self standards or yet even more obdurate issues such as personalities and social dispositions outside the norm of mentality. In reinstatement of the thesis, a child should never be awarded excessive awards or be granted worthless praise. A child should be exposed to the true nature of human competition and inherently the failure provided by such, in order for the child to survive and succeed in a society where such competition occur so
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