Meaningless Relationships in T.S. Eliot's 'The Waste Land'

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Meaningless Relationships in T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” T.S. Eliot wrote “The Waste Land” in reference to the state of Europe after World War I. The poem paints a bleak, hopeless view of the state of human and political affairs. Eliot refers to London, which was previously prosperous and progressive, as an “Unreal City.” The language of the poem is chaotic and fragmented. The setting of the poem is sterile and barren producing nothing, not even children. Lust which is prevalent throughout “The Waste Land” causes destruction and confusion. Lines 230 through 256 characterize the absence of passion in life. “The Waste Land” challenges the reader to re-evaluate the value of relationships by illustrating a world with empty and meaningless…show more content…
This rhyme scheme creates a sing song property within the stanzas, which completely contradicts the poems appalling content. The meticulously orchestrated sentence structure and slant rhyme within the poem creates the pleasant, flowing sound of euphony. The flow of words, unobstructed by harsh sounds, contradicts the vile nature of the stanzas. These poetic devices further illustrate the indifferent attitude and nonchalant manner in which the people of Europe, post World War I, wasted their lives.
Class separation and focus on accumulating wealth is another means in which the people of “The Waste Land” squander their time and attention. The female is a typist, which is not a particularly lucrative profession. The typist has so little money that she does not even own a bed. The young man works in real estate and clearly brings in more money than the female. The phrase “silk hat on a Bradford millionaire” refers to the worthless accumulation of large wealth and the impractical objects the wealthy spends their money on. The female within these stanzas is depicted in a scrutinizing manner.
The typist has invited the young man over “expected guest”. The woman is “bored and tired,” completely un-amused by the young man. During her assault she is too complacent to react. When he leaves she barely notices “Hardly Aware of her departed lover;”. She is goes through the motions of her life with no
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