Measles Virus Report

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As it was previously discussed, the measles virus is a member of paramyxovirus family. Paramyxoviruses are known to be very sensitive to heat, harsh chemicals, UV lights and acidic pH conditions (Enders, 1996). As a result, one may expect to see that the virus will be more active in certain temperatures and unhygienic environments. Also, there is more respirational activity during fall and winter because people tend to get cold or flu more often. Since there is a high amount of droplet exchange on air, the morbillivirus will have a higher chance to travel around. World Health Organization states that higher number of measles cases will be seen during the transition time from winter to spring in moderate climate zones, and after wet season in…show more content…
During 1980`s, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America had great numbers of measles cases and low numbers of vaccination. China had the highest number of measles outbreak over a million in 1980. By 1990`s, vaccination levels were above 90% almost in every continent except Africa. According to World Health Organization, the highest numbers of measles cases were seen in China, Congo and Nigeria in 2013 (Table I). Therefore, it can be concluded that measles is not a great threat to the rest of the World. However, measles outbreaks can be seen in any country because it is a highly contagious disease. Since people travel around the World a lot in the 21st century, a sick person coming in from a different country could bring the measles virus which leads to an outbreak. Also, China, with a 99% immunization, still happen to have the highest count of measles. So vaccination rates don`t necessarily explain the number of cases occurring as it can be seen in Table I (“Mapping measles”, 2015).
In the geological context, transmission of disease is usually seen in Africa, Asia and partly in Europe. Even though transmission is not highly correlated with the continents, there are more severe cases seen in low-income countries. For instance, only 5% of measles-related deaths occur in Europe while 95% is excluded to Africa and Asia. In 2014, 110 out of 140 thousand of measles deaths were in Africa and Asia (“Measles”, 2015). Daha duzgun guzel yaz. It can be explained by looking at countries`
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