Measurable Achievements And Outcomes Of The Health Care Education

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Measurable Achievements and Outcomes The Health Care Education course provided the author will new knowledge of different teaching and learning methods for adult learners, knowledge of way to measure competency in the training of health care professionals, and presented way to blend different teaching styles to improve success. This new knowledge has enable the author to improve on the success of in-service and procedural training, provided new techniques to measure competency of staff and providers, and will ultimately assist in the pursuit of a teaching position in a PA program. The course assisted in the development of the author’s practicum project, utilizing some of the basic teaching methods learned. The knowledge learned during …show more content…
The patient presenting for treatment was registered and triaged under another patient with the same name. The nurse failed to identify at least two identifying factors, which lead to information being entered in the wrong chart and could have led to a serious medical error. Fortunately, the author knew the patient and recognized the error prior to any treatment being given due to the difference in age. The patient was registered in his son’s chart. The author developed a PowerPoint® presentation to deal with this patient safety issue, which was part of the course assignment and then presented this to all of the clinical staff where she works. During the course, Community Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, the author chose diabetes and diabetes prevention as the topic for her final project. The author used the methods and theories learned in this course to develop a diabetes education and prevention presentation. This project was the basis for educating the individuals of the local employer groups. The author currently assists the diabetes educators in Lunch and Learn programs, (presenting this and other health care topic), participates in personal health assessment (PHA) event, and educates individuals regarding their health care risks. The Statistics and Research Methods course gave the author the tools and knowledge needed to collaborate with a Doctor of Chiropractic in conducting a survey and collecting data regarding the combination of
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