Measure For Measure, And, A Short Account Of The Destruction

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The works discussed thus far illustrate that one must possess a strong sense of determination and a lasting endurance in order to achieve a sense of freedom and independence from others. The works Heptameron, Measure for Measure, and, A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies not only highlight this notion, but also demonstrate the advancements in which one achieves when one goes against the grain. In which involves one finding their sense of identity. In the work Heptameron, a group of characters tell short narratives depicting social and moral values and practices of men and women in the sixteenth century. In one particular story the nun retaliates against the Prior who tried to impose his position of dominance over the nun. By…show more content…
These works demonstrate that freedom is not a given but something for which one must strive. Silence is the greatest inhibitor of progression. Silence not only inhibits one from freely expressing themselves, but it also prevent one in expressing themselves freely. This silence was seen in the collection of stories named Heptameron. In this collection of stories, one story in particular deals with this idea of silence. This story features a Prior who tries to use his power to seduce a nun. The Prior, being tired of trying to express his love for the nun, attempted to touch her breast. When she pushed the Priors hands from her breast he responded, “What business has a nun to know that she has breast?” In response to this she replied, “ and I am very certain that neither you nor anyone else shall ever touch them” (35). The tone in which Prior speaks suggest he is coming from a more of a dominant role. He being a male figure only adds to him to feel entitled. Thus only displaying how significant the nuns actions were. Not only does she physically push away the Prior, but she also retaliates by stating that he has no role in tainting her holiness. This depicts the power of the Prior over the nun, for she is supposed to be unmindful of her body. The nun’s retribution shows her disapproval of being silent about the Prior’s actions. She allowed her voice to be heard, and because of that it inhabited the Priors from causing more sexual harm. Thus
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