Measure For Measure By William Shakespeare

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The great Shakespeare once again presents a play of mystery, confusion, multiple weddings, and death. Measure for Measure is another great example of the literary tools that are often used by Shakespeare. In this play, great issues arise quickly after Claudio impregnates Juliet consensually. Of course, the chaos did not occur until after the Duke decided to leave town and leave Angelo in charge, as a tactic to regain strict law throughout the city. Power hungry Angelo does everything he can to punish and use Claudio as an example to the rest of the town as to why following law is highly important. Claudio’s sister and the disguised duke come up with a plan to circumvent the ruling of Angelo and eventually use his previous actions as blackmail. This play takes constant turns left and right as different characters take charge of the happenings of Claudio. In the end, the duke reclaims his chair of power and Claudio is pardoned, all because of the chance of fate. Many critics have read this play and analyzed it for deeper meanings. One of the deepest meanings has come directly from the play title itself. Measure for Measure by Shakespeare is named as so because of the punishment for crimes, the measure or treatment of women, and the measure of the character’s actions. Measure for Measure by Shakespeare is titled as such because of the punishment for crimes. This first reason that the title is named as it is can also be described as every action has a reaction. Every crime
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