Measure Of Crime And Crime

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Measure of Crime
The U.S. is in a developing stage as to how to measure crime; however, there are different ways to measure and gather criminal statistics, such as the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report(UCR) that is updated annually. The National Incident-based Reporting System(NIBRS) which has been developed to broaden the extent and depth of crime data gathered by police agencies (Dammer & Abanese, 2014). Throughout the globe and nations, there are different ways to gather criminal data and measure crime and being consistent and reliable is costly and rigorous; surveys are formed and people are encouraged to fill those surveys upon their personal desire and with many of them having the opportunity of staying anonymous. International Crime Victim Surveys (ICVS) is coordinated between the minister of justice in Netherlands and the United Nations Interrogated Crime and Justice Research Institute (ICVS) (Dammer & Abanese, 2014).
In Colombia there is The National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) and is part of the executive branch on Colombia’s congress (DANE, 2015). Crime measurement is highly relied upon DANE and their collections, since it is a part of the legislative branch of congress is believed that they will be reliable and unbiased on their crime measurement practices. Colombia’s Department of Criminal Investigation (DIJIN) is part of Colombia’s only police agency, which is also under the defense minister; also serves the purpose and has the duty to collect and
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