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Measurement and criteria for Selecting a CDN The original purpose of measurement in CDN network is to judge whether the CDN network has the ability to provide customers with desired content and service. performance implications of data center consolidation by the same CDN is important because it eliminates a possibility that unrelated issues in different CDNs could affect the results[11]. .The measurement is achieved with a combination of hardware and software-based probes distributed around the CDN, as well as using the logs from various servers within the CDN [13]. There are five critical quality metrics. Cache hit ration means the ratio of the amount of cache document divide The total documents. If a CDN network exploits an efficient…show more content…
External measurement using a third party to informs customer of content that the performance verified. There distributed many computers which are used for measurement connected through main internet backbones in several different cities. These computers measure if the specific Web site perform well from the end user’s viewpoints. Information Group is often involved in the external measurement. It is often act as evaluator by analyzing several parameters in a CDN network, the parameters include scalability, manageability, area of coverage, the degree how easy it can be used, budget. For both the internal and external measurement, depend on the types of parameters, different networks statistic acquisition are exploited. For instance, t Traffic monitoring is a measurement technique where the traffic between the client and the surrogate is monitored to know the actual performance metrics[13]. Network probing is a measurement technique where the possible requesting entities are probed in order to determine one or more metrics from each surrogate or a set of surrogates[13]. Surrogate servers can also send feedback to help acquire the data for CDN. In order to obtain the CDN status information, networks statistic acquisition are employed rely on a number of metrics. Stimulation measurement Stimulation tools are always used to measure performance of CDN. In stimulation measure, no actual hardware are involved in this

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