Measurement And Measurement Of Measurement

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Measurement Measurement is a number that shows the size or amount of something and usually the number is reference to a standard measurement, such as kilogram. There are many things that can be measured, including; length, area, volume, weight, mass, altitude, temperature and time. Charles (2005) featured measurement is his big idea number 8 which states that “measurements can be approximated using known referents as the unit in the measurement process”. This idea of estimation means that a large number of objects can be approximated by calculating a sub-section and multiplying this by the number of subsections. This is demonstrated in my Topic 6 Thinking Time Problem called the ‘joined hands problem’ where I had to calculate the length covered if all the people in the unit, university, Australia and the world stood with their arms linked (appendix 6). To answer this I took the average person 's arm span and multiplied it by the number of people; rather than actually measuring all the people which would be extremely impractical. Thus, I approximated the measurement using a known referent. 
 I showcased my knowledge of the measurement mathematics area when answering question 5 of the Year 9 NAPLAN 2012 Numeracy Test for assessment 2 (appendix 14). This question involved writing out the scale used in the diagram as a ratio, simplifying it and then converting it into a written statement. At first I could not remember the method involved when converting scale and I could not

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