Measurement Of Blood Pressure And Fitness

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Measurement of blood pressure and fitness.
Blood pressure is a measure of the rate of force that drives blood to the tissues in the body. It is a mean measurement of the pressure in the arteries. (Sherwood, 2012) Increased pressure causes a raised pulse rate. (Silverthrone, 2013) Higher arterial pressure, blood flow and cardiac output due to vasodilation are shown to be induced by exercising. (Sherwood, 2012) The investigation aimed to study if there would be an effect on the pulse rate, due to exercise. The null hypothesis was there would be no significant change to pulse rate before, during and after exercising.
Bench Step Ups and Cycle Ergo Meter
To ensure that the Polar FT1 heart monitor remained in place throughout the test an elasticated belt was tightened around the chest, the electrode was positioned next to the heart. The Polar FT1 was used during the bench step-ups and the cycle ergo meter tests.
Whilst at rest, heart rate was recorded every 15 seconds for 2 minutes. For the next 5minutes the subject performed step ups at 30 steps per minute. Whilst doing this, a metronome was used to maintain pace. Throughout the 5 minutes the working heart rate was recorded every 15 seconds. This was repeated for a further 5 minutes in order to collect results for the recovery rate.
Matching the bench step up investigation, resting heart rate was recorded every 15 seconds for 2 minutes whilst sitting on the Monark Ergomedic 874E. For 5 minutes the subject…
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