Measurements: An Appropriate and Fair Assessment of Sorority Girls

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Measurements The varying reactions of sorority girls in different settings will likely yield several different forms of measurements, and while wide-ranging field notes and descriptions will be a useful part of the data there will also be an attempt to make certain measurements of more quantitative data to serve for direct and concrete analysis across a variety of factors. Behaviors and behavior rates exhibited by individual sorority girls or "sisters," specific behavior types or rates seen more prominently in specific sororities, changes in behavior from situation to situation (again tracked by specific individuals, by specific sorority affiliation, and in the study population as a whole), and types of behavior that are specific to certain scenarios will all be observed and measured in addition to the more general qualitative descriptions that the data collection methods will produce and from which other results can be assessed. Through these measurements, an appropriate and fair assessment of sorority girls' behavior in a variety of situations and across several factors can be assessed and analyzed in a mathematical fashion rather than simply through qualitative description, adding validity to the research. The first group of measurements will be collected for behaviors exhibited individual sorority sisters, measuring the appearance of behaviors identified in the initial party in a variety of ways. Behaviors that appear to be especially wild or outlandish will be

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