Measures Companies Need to Take in Order to Prevent Computers System Failure

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Computer system failure can be classified to unintentional threats, not to mention intentional threat, IT attacks, targeted attacks, and botnets. It occurs as the result of poor manufacturing, defective materials, and outdated or poorly maintained networks. Unintentional malfunctions can also happen for other reasons, ranging from lack of experience to inadequate testing.
There’s way to prevent this unintentional threat from happening. The most common of all prevention is, create backup, test your backup, keep your virus protection up to date, use firewall, purchase and install UPS power supply, use data encryption on your wireless network.
Creating backup, it’s not just a simple backup. Depending on how large your data is, it could be a
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In the event of a system failure the data would be irretrievable without the encryption keys.
Disaster recovery options are included with larger base packages. Usually these options are only available for windows based systems. To use these options a set of boot disk are created. If a system failed an administrator or operator could boot a new system with the disk that was created. The disk would then walk an administrator or operator through reloading the operating system, installing client software, and recovering from the last full backup. Off-Site Storage is a process where data’s were protected on tapes. If a catastrophic event destroys the corporate faculties the data will go with it. Storing tape in someone’s home is not a good idea either. If a tape is needed, the administrator has to try to locate that person. While on-site tapes should be stored in a secure and fireproof vault. There are several inexpensive types available on the market today. For off-site storage the author recommends that a reputable records-storage company be contacted. These companies offer scheduled pick –ups and drop-off. They will also guarantee that tapes will be delivered to the company faculties when they are called for within a pre-determined amount of time.
Test your backup. Restoring backup data to a test system helps validate that your backups are working as expected. It should be done once a month and frequently. If you don't have a test system, practice
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