Measures to Overcome Problems Facing New Teachers

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Problems Facing New Teachers: Teaching is an increasingly contextualized social practice that requires specific skills since it takes time, learning, dedication, and hard work for new teachers to have the ability to reflect on individual experiences. In their attempts and pursuit to become experienced teachers, new teachers undergo various stages of transformational teaching experience. This process involves experiencing significant questioning of beliefs and assumption as the person evaluates the framework that has shaped his/her perspective of the world. Similar to novice teachers, new teachers usually face challenges like classroom management, teaching pedagogy, use of technology, and involvement of the community. As a result of these challenges, the growth and transition from a novice teacher is often a multifaceted phenomenon. Challenges Facing New Teachers: As previously mentioned, the transition and growth from a novice or new teacher is usually a challenging process because of the challenges a new teacher experiences. Some of the major problems or challenges facing new teachers include "¦ High Expectations: Expectations are one of the most common factors facing new teachers since it plays a complicated but important role in the teaching process. New teachers are usually faced with the problem of high expectations for students and for oneself as a teacher. Notably, having high expectations for all students require new teachers to offer opportunities for
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